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Jaeger's Menomonee Falls Home Page

Jan 25th
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Mr. Jaeger in Running for Teacher of the Year Award PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 02 March 2008

Laura and George W. Bush get to meet Mr. Jaeger after he wins his fifth Brian Jaeger Teacher of the Year AwardMr. Jaeger is once again in the running for the annual Brian Jaeger Teacher of the Year Award. Mr. Jaeger won the award in 2000 for his work as a substitute teacher in Milwaukee, and then in 2002 as an intern in Eau Claire, but he has been honored with the award in Menomonee Falls more than any other teacher in the history of teaching.

"Let's see, I won my third Brian Jaeger Teacher of the Year Award in 2003, and that was really the most difficult," says Jaeger. "I was very close to giving the award to Liz Dixon because she helped me a lot and she's pretty funny sometimes, but in the end, I figured I deserved it for getting through my first year in the Falls." Jaeger then went on to win the award in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007. He awarded himself a Lifetime Achievement Pendant in 2007 "just because I could."

In 2006, Jaeger changed the name of the award to the Brian Jaeger Super Teacher of the Year Award, but the trophy company accidentally printed "Supper" instead of "Super," and many of Jaeger's friends ridiculed the award. Also, Jaeger lost the ballot in the 2004 voting, but since he remembered he'd voted for himself, the result was still considered to be valid. "I was worried Kuse might contest the 2004 award, but we got through it without much controversy," said the seven-time Brian Jaeger Teacher of the Year Award recipient.

Mr. Jaeger presenting the Brian Jaeger Teacher of the Year Award to himself in 2002Many teacher of the year awards may seem arbitrary, and surprisingly, the same teacher rarely wins more than once. However, the Brian Jaeger Teacher of the Year Award is very specific, and winners can repeat as often as they remain the teacher of the year. The rules are as follows: The teacher must be nominated by Mr. Jaeger. The teacher must be named Mr. Jaeger, unless a special committee meeting is held to allow another teacher's name to be entered. A single vote is cast by Mr. Jaeger. Mr. Jaeger retains the right to change the rules if another Mr. Jaeger is hired by the school district.

This year's awards ceremony will be held in Mr. Jaeger's basement on June 12th. Invitations are very exclusive, and Mr. Jaeger's wife has attended three of the previous ceremonies, though she is currently boycotting the 2008 one because she'll be eight and a half months pregnant and won't go downstairs for "some stupid award thing." Mr. Jaeger says he might invite his cousin this year. Good luck to Mr. Jaeger!

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